Friday, October 18, 2013

App Discoverability - Thinking Outside The 4 Inch Box

Talk by Michael Ludden from Samsung

Many app builders look to the OS designer for a partner to work with but looking toward the Carrier or hardware manufacturer may yield much higher returns in market and revenue share.

For example, SK Telecom's T-Store is more popular in South Korea than Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store. These carrier stores are commonly overlooked by American developers because of the stigma found in this country but should be invested in because they are rarely used and can provide an easy source of interest and revenue.

Fragmentation can be an issue but these other paths can lead to success and they offer more options to be the first-to-market. 

The Samsung Developers Conference is October 27th to 29th and will provide many different tracks for developers. This is Samsung's big push to get software developers on the bandwagon.

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